ICCM deliver Irish & Irish Traveller cultural Training.  This is bespoke Training tailored to individual Team needs. This basic package comprises  updates on Culture including Health & Social Care, Human Rights & Legal  /Planning Impacts.  Call in  and chat to us here at ICCM and we will target the training for your Team needs.

ICCM in Partnership with Chris Clark ( Merseyside Workplace Training) are currently delivering Mental Health First Aid Training.

In this current challenging economic climate resources are being stretched and staff are feeling the strain both personally and professionally.

 People are working harder and can feel under increasing levels of pressure which may impact on mental wellbeing and resilience and for some poor mental health. 

Teaching mental Wellbeing literacy as part of the MHFA programme and giving individuals both knowledge a confidence to support can give them the skills to create a more balanced lifestyle.

The two day programme helps participants to recognise the signs and symptoms  of common mental health issue and provide help on a first aid basis while directing the person to the appropriate professional support.

The three certificated  mental health first aid training opportunities are:

  • Mental health first aid 
  • Youth mental health first aid 
  • Mental health first aide LITE

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